Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO)

The IEO is devoted to research into marine sciences, especially in terms of scientific knowledge of oceans, sustainability of fisheries resources, aquaculture and marine environment. It gives scientific advice in Fisheries and Aquaculture policies and represents Spain in most science and technology international boards related with the sea and its resources. The aquaculture area carries out basic and applied research concerning the rearing process of marine fish and molluscs, their welfare, aquaculture technology as well as the improvement of fish.

The involved IEO teams hold expertise to carry out scientific research in:

Rearing protocols for new and consolidated species
Reproductive performance and physiology, nutritional requirements of cultured marine species, health and welfare, immune system and vaccine development, genetic analysis for selective breeding of aquaculture stocks
Industrial cultivation of Nereis diversicolor

Role in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project:

IEO will contribute to NA1 (task 1.2), NA2 (task 2.3), NA3 (tasks 3.1 and 3.2), and offer access to 3 installations in TNA. It will be involved in activities related with new candidate marine species for aquaculture and Nereis diversicolor. The IEO maintain the major available broodstocks of bluefin tuna and wreckfish.

Key persons involved:

Dr. Montse Pérez is in charge of issues related with genetics applied to aquaculture. Involved in fisheries and aquaculture genetics research since 2000 (evaluation of marine genetic resources, population genetics, molecular traceability, molecular markers). Experience in 6 EU projects, 2 Spanish patents on identification of hake species.

Dr. Fernando de la Gándara has 18 years of experience in bluefin tuna aquaculture and farming research in more than 15 projects. Coordinator of the EU 7FP, SELFDOTT Project (From capture-based to self-sustained aquaculture and domestication of bluefin tuna) integrating 13 companies, research centers and universities, belonging to 8 European countries.

Dra. Inmaculada Rasines is senior researcher she has extensive experience in aquaculture of flatfish (turbot and sole), with participation in 11 national projects funded in public calls and several research contracts and technology transfer to aquaculture companies. Currently is the IEO´s researcher in charge of the ACUIver project.



Dr Montse Pérez Rodriguez

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