INRAE Transfert (IT)

INRAE Transfert is a fully owned INRAE’s subsidiary founded to exploit INRAE’s research results and innovative technologies and develop them into concrete business opportunities. IT is a technology transfer company specialised in innovative technologies arising from agriculture-related research. The IT European Projects Department is aimed at strengthening INRAE’s contribution to the implementation of the European Research Area with the mission to help INRAE researchers and partners to setup projects in response to EC calls and manage them when selected by the EC.

Role in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project:

IT will take in charge the project management tasks supporting the Coordinator, the AQUAEXCEL3.0 decision making and implementing bodies of the project and the whole consortium (WP7).

Key persons involved:

Nesrine Mezghrani (Project Manager) is in charge of the daily management work, project administration, financial administration, consolidation of project reports and handling of the project logistics.

Bénédicte Bard holds a Master in corporate management and EU project engineering. Since 2006, she has managed several EU projects ranging from Europaid project (URBAL), Network of Excellence (FP6-ENDURE), Infrastructure (FP7-AQUAEXCEL, H2020-AQUAEXCEL2020, EPPN2020) and Collaborative projects (NoAW, EcoBioCAP) in which she has also been in charge of the internal communication.



Nesrine Mezghrani

Contact details:

+33 4 99 61 27 86


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