SINTEF Ocean is part of the Europe’s largest independent research organization – SINTEF; and performs scientific research in several fields related to the marine and maritime environment. Among those are naval architecture, hydrodynamics, marine cybernetics, aquaculture, fisheries, marine resources and environment, oil and gas, shipping and ship technology, underwater robotics, and offshore energy production. The organization has developed and acquired recognized competence and technology in underwater robotics, control systems technology, autonomy, remote sensing, data acquisition, signal processing and underwater machine vision.

The involved SINTEF Ocean teams hold expertise to carry out scientific research in: (i) Precision fish farming (PFF), (ii) Aquaculture technology and operations, (iii) Numerical modelling of aquaculture systems, (iv) Systems architecture, (v) Underwater robotics, and (vi) Seaweed cultivation in land-based hatcheries and at sea farms.

Role in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project:

SINTEF Ocean will be involved in both NA and JRA. The main research activity will be the development of technological tools (WP leader for JRA1). Two installations are offered in the TNA.

Key persons involved:

Dr. Eleni Kelasidi is a Senior Scientist at SINTEF Ocean working with autonomous and robotic solutions for demanding operations in aquaculture. Her fields of expertise include modelling, control, and experimental validation of methods for underwater robotic systems. She has more than 9 years’ experience in this field and will lead WP4.

Dr. Nina Bloecher is a marine biologist with extensive expertise in experimental design and conduction of field work. She will be responsible for the SINTEF ACE full-scale farm site TNA and will coordinate SINTEFs contribution to WP6.

Dr. Silje Forbord is the coordinator of SINTEF’s Norwegian Seaweed Technology Center and will be responsible for the NSTC Sealab and Seafarm TNA in the project. She has expertise in development of technology and strategies for industrial cultivation of seaweed for use in production of food, feed, and biofuels.



Dr Eleni Kelasidi

Contact details:

+47 451 85 796 


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