AQUAEXCEL3.0 considers that motivated and skillful technicians are key to dynamic, innovative experimental approaches, and thus is investing in the development of cross-cutting and specific skills through a technician mobility programme. The aim of this programme is to promote capacity building and the sharing of innovative experiments and best practices on how to improve the provision of research services at an aquaculture research institute, achieved through a bottom-up approach.

AQUAEXCEL3.0 is offering the possibility for short-term staff exchange in which staff in one partner institute will visit another institute in the consortium to work together with the local staff to learn or share their experience and knowledge and gain new skills. The programme is intended for staff involved in service provision such as research engineers and technological and technical staff at any aquaculture institute in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 consortium. The visits must be transnational and envisaged duration per visit will be 1-3 weeks. A budget has been assigned to contribute to travel costs, meals and accommodation for participants in the exchange. Partners wishing to participate in the programme will be invited through a call, the second of which will be launched August 2022. Calls for the programme will then take place once per year in the first 4 years of the project. This programme aims to ensure the successful transfer of knowledge and expertise among technical staff and encourage the spread of best practice and new methods between project partners. For more information, contact Nicolas Larranaga (