ERINN Innovation Limited (ERINN)

ERINN Innovation (formerly Intrigo) is an SME, based in Ireland, which specialises in ensuring that new knowledge generated by European funded projects is effectively transferred to create maximum positive impact. ERINN Innovation staff have an extensive and strong track record in communication and dissemination and are leaders in scientific knowledge management and transfer of research results, building upon a range of professional backgrounds in scientific research, education, business, industry, and communication. The ERINN Innovation team have developed specific methodologies to achieve tangible impact from research results through their transfer to industry, policy and decision makers and society.

Role in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project:

ERINN Innovation will be responsible for the communication and dissemination of the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project and results (WP3 leader) and be involved in the knowledge management and transfer of the project outputs through WP2, leading T2.2 on brokerage activities and events.

Key persons involved:

Ms Marieke Reuver has extensive experience with knowledge management and transfer, dissemination, communication and stakeholder engagement. She oversees the overall management of over 10 ongoing EU-funded projects and is / has been WP lead for more than 25 EU-funded projects. She has a background in Animal Science (MSc) with an aquaculture specialisation from Wageningen University. Marieke will lead WP3.

Dr Jane Maher has experience in science communication and teaching in the area of climate change and societal challenges. In her role as senior project officer, Jane has experience carrying out communication, dissemination, capacity building and stakeholder engagement activities for numerous Horizon 2020 and EMFF projects. She has a PhD in Geography from University of Dublin Trinity College (Ireland) and qualifications in Environment and Development (MSc) and Environmental Science (BSc).

 Dr. Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla is the Head of the Fish Pathology group at IATS, with 30 years of research experience and has authored more than 150 articles in SCI journals. Her primary research area is marine fish parasites, with emphasis on host-parasite relationships. She has been the coordinator of the ParaFishControl EU project. She will have a key role in microbiota studies in JRA1 and will be part of the TNA Selection Panel.

Dr. Josep Calduch-Giner belongs to IATS Nutrigenomics group. He is an experienced researcher with participation in several aquaculture-related EU projects, and more than 90 SCI authored articles. In AQUAEXCEL3.0, he will manage the TNAs for IATS infrastructures.

Dr. Anna Wargelius has a long-term experience in aquaculture and reproduction with emphasis on functional genomics and identification of genetic loci underlying phenotypic traits. She leads the first group that have established gene editing (knock-out) in Atlantic salmon using Crispr-Cas9. She has published 46 peer reviewed manuscripts. Anna will be a key scientist in Task 5.3.



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