European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP)

EATIP is an officially-recognised, multi-stakeholder European Technology Platform in the area of the Bio-based Economy, comprising more than 60 members, 15 of which are EATiP Mirror Platforms, i.e. aquaculture clusters at a regional or national level. Together, they represent about 800 organisations that are involved professionally in the European aquaculture value chain (commercial companies, RTD institutes, universities, professional representative structures and environmental organisations). The industry-driven Mirror Platforms support the implementation of EATiPs strategic research and innovation planning, help aligning European priorities at national and regional level, and ensure a cross-national exchange of knowledge. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, EATiP has a Board of Directors, each very experienced within their specialisations. It delivers research and innovation recommendations on behalf of the aquaculture sector along the structure of eight Thematic Areas. The objectives of EATIP are:

  • Establish a strong relationship between aquaculture and the consume
  • Assure a sustainable aquaculture industry, covering social, environmental and economic issues
  • Consolidate the role of aquaculture in society, developing knowledge management, skill development, communications, networking.

These aspects are integrated within EATiP’s Vision for the future of European aquaculture and overarching Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda.


Role in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project:

Coordinator of WP2 (Industry-driven innovation and sustainability), assessing the innovation potential of AQUAEXCEL3.0 outputs, management of the Industry & Research Advisory Panel and active in the networking activities as a link between the project and the aquaculture industry stakeholders.


Key persons involved:

Alexandra Neyts Senior Adviser at EATiP – coordinates project and event activities initiated by the EATiP Secretariat. She is also currently leading a Norwegian knowledge capacity building project for aquaculture and is a member of different project advisory boards. She has previous experience from several aquaculture European projects. Alexandra will lead WP2. 

Catherine Pons Executive Secretary of EATiP – running the daily activities of the EATiP Secretariat and has been involved in multiple European networking, education and support actions.

David Bassett Secretary General of EATiP – responsible for the strategic management of EATiP. He has been the manager of the international EU-funded EURASTiP project and was the Chief Ex



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