Transnational Access (TNA) Facilities

We are delighted to announce that the AQUAEXCEL3.0 TNA program is now open for applications and will remain open for the duration of the project! The AQUAEXCEL3.0 project is a key part of the European Commission strategy to support the development of research in the field of aquaculture to address the key priorities of the European Research Area. A major feature of AQUAEXCEL3.0 is its TNA program, allowing external researchers to access the partners’ facilities via submission of research proposals, promoting collaboration between research groups. Access is offered to 40 unique research infrastructures of the participating institutes, covering all important species, rearing systems and environments. You can find more information on the TNA program or start your application for the program HERE.

Below have we highlighted two facilities which are new to the TNA programme, compared to facilities offered in AQUAEXCEL2020. Full information on all available facilities can be found on the Research Infrastructure webpage HERE and the interactive TNA map HERE where you can search for the facility of interest to you by area of expertise, specific species, type of site or type of water.



TNA facility feature: Aquaponic Hall. University of South Bohemia, Czechia.

The Aquaponic Hall is a new freshwater facility (finished in 2019) at the University of South Bohemia, Czechia. The facility is equipped with a remote monitoring control system and consists of 6 independent RAS systems and 200m2 of greenhouse area. You can find more details on the facility and contact information HERE.


TNA facility feature: UNITO-DISAFA-INSECTS.  Carmagnola, Italy.

DISAFA-INSECTS is a unique experimental facility for insect trials and is a new research infrastructure in the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project. Trials are conducted at this facility using different rearing substrates for both Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) and Tenebrio molitor (mealworm), two of the most promising insect species for aquaculture feeds. You can find more details on the facility and contact information HERE.